Best Commuter Bicycles

Which is right for your commute?
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A few questions to ask yourself: How long is your commute? Is it hilly or flat? All-season or only in warm weather? Is it well maintained roads or weather-pitted paths? Do you want the flexibility of a commuter that is also a weekend recreational bike?We offer a range of models that can help get you on the road confidently. All of our top-rated commuter bicycles are built with premium components, feature a rust/grease-free Gates Carbon Drive belt with an internally geared hub that lowers maintenance and delivers a smoother, cleaner ride. Making your commute easy—it's a Priority.
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What Makes OUr Bicycles Different?

Gates Carbon Drive Belt

No rust, no grease, and lasts longer than a traditional chain.

Internally Geared Hubs

No routine tune-ups, no jammed cassettes and derailleurs, and no caked mess.

Premium Components

High quality rims, tires, and frames that fight rust and create ultra smooth rides.

Designed for Comfort

Frame styles from responsive to upright so you can find what is best for your ride.

" other bike we tested was as light and adjustable, or had as high-end componentry or as innovative a drivetrain as the Priority, while keeping cost in check."